The Teachers’ Attitude to Face Student Diversity in a Classroom. In class, you will surely find and face student diversity. Every child is born unique. While in the classroom, you might realize that every child who, even if they belong to the same age group, has many differences. Both in terms of appearance, interest, level of intelligence, attitude to their temperament. This difference is something natural and natural. So, how should the teacher’s attitude to deal with these different student characters?

The Teachers' Attitude
The Teachers’ Attitude

Examining the materials of teaching

There are some projects that you can do for promoting diversity, such as:

  • A rally of the first-grade students for ending homelessness: first learning about civic engagement and homelessness, students can write a letter to a mayor. And, students can use their skills of creativity to produce the materials of awareness like song and poster.
  • The practice of the second language for second-grade students: for example, students speaking French at-home practice to teach the teachers and classmates how to translate and also pronounce a song of French well.
  • History of the fourth-grade: students can learn about the rush of gold while writing a diary from some historical actors such as the owner and worker of mine even immigrants and women’s perspective working with them.

When you feel difficult in changing the school’s existing curriculum, you can ask students of yours the reason why a different perspective does not challenge in applying skills of critical thinking.

The Teachers' Attitude
The Teachers’ Attitude

Choosing the right learning method

Learning methods that only read alone may not be suitable for children who rely on audio skills. Conversely, not all children can capture material only by explanation. By knowing what kind of characters are in the class, you can integrate various learning methods for one material so that all children can understand.

The Teachers' Attitude
The Teachers’ Attitude

Understanding the personal uniqueness of students

We believe in information that says that each student in our class has a unique personality. We also accept the opinion that to be able to teach students well, the main and first requirement is to recognize the characteristics of students.

You should have time to know, learn, and understand the students of yours: where are they from? How about the situation in their life generally? Are they good in the achievement of academics or even need hard effort? How about their relationships with peers?

Ready to solve inequality

One way to face student diversity is to create a space for educators and students by talking about how discrimination issue influence their personality in classrooms and schools.

As a teacher, you may lead a discussion and also inspire them to understand and follow. In the conversation or discussion, it is not only about words. But, you may also use practical steps for addressing the inequality so the change will be more effective.

Relate with community and parents

Communicate with the students’ parents about the diversity goals in a classroom. Listen to them when they have concerns or even only questions. Get them along to identify the curriculum. and culture of the school in which they will get the benefit more.

Get the community leaders that will provide different perspectives such as expert, activist or worker of community, and professional. Then, teachers should improve the projects of service-learning which relate the learning in the classroom with the initiatives of the community.

When the students and their community members have met, the students will know all people with various backgrounds have been successful in the field of theirs and then they are inspired to think differently about their future.

So, are you ready to face student diversity in your classroom?


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