Student support service is a program funded by federal or state to selected institution. This program has main purpose of supporting first-generation college students, students with disabilities, and low income. This program also provides wide variety of projects to make sure that the goals are achieved.

The success of this program relies on full comprehension and coordination. Because it involves not only educational institution but also community service, and other crucial parties. This program involves multi-disciplinary teams to work together.

student support services
student support services

Those who are eligible to work at student support service should meet particular requirements. They also have responsibilities such as getting information, organizing, planning, and prioritizing works.

Also documenting information, communicating with supervisors, subordinates, and peers, working directly with the public, etc. Those who directly involve at student support services include instructors, counselors, resident assistant, tutors, assistant directors, and academic advisers.

Student Support Services

In this student support services, the grantees (the institutions) are required to submit annual reports which document the degree attainment. As well as persistence of their participants (the eligible students). The reports are necessary because the Department of Education need data that can be aggregated. So they can determine the accomplishment level of their grantees.

The reports should include documentation of the basic determination of the grantees to show that their participants are eligible to participate in the program. The post secondary persistence and degree completion rates of the participants of the student support services are what determines the success of this program.

student support services
student support services

The arrangement of this program involves multi-disciplinary teams with clear objectives. The operation of this program requires collaboration to identify and intervene students. With additional needs or are at the most vulnerable and at risk of disengagement.

This collaborative arrangement is also aimed to target effective delivery of high quality services for students who need specialized expertise, intervention, as well as assessment so they can overcome learning barriers they are struggling with.

student support services
student support services

The operation of student support services program also has objective to address and respond critical issues involving school communities, students, and staffs. Through this collaborative operation, the partnerships can be facilitated more sufficiently and efficiently.

The partnership is crucial because it involves key roles of student support service in schools, community organizations, student’s families, youth services, early childhood services, and many more. This program is implemented through wide variety of allowable activities.  Such as academic tutoring in various subjects, assistance in post secondary course selection, individualized counseling, financial assistance, etc.


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