Student Support services are significant program made for students with disabilities, low income, and first-generation college students.  Remember that not all people are lucky enough to get proper education with high standard. Therefore, this program has purpose to assist young people who have difficulty with learning barriers.

This program aims to help them achieve their developmental and educational potential. This type of support must provide comprehensive strategies as well as specialized support at various levels including individual at, group, and school areas.

Specific Academic Support
Specific Academic Support

In this service, there are various supports provided to help students increase their achievement. One of the most popular is academic support. Basically, every program is different from one school to another, even though there are specific federal or state requirements, the basic or common supports are formed almost similarly in a sense of its academic purpose. The activities of academic support provided by this service include:

Classroom-based strategies include activities of monitoring. Professional mentor/teacher are required to monitor student performance at various skills include reading, writing, math, study skills, science, and other subjects. These kinds of support are important to help students achieve education with high standard.

Academic Tutoring

Academic tutoring is also included in this type of service. This can be done either individual (one-on-one) tutoring or group tutoring.

Course selection guide is also the type of activity should be included through this program. This activity include counseling done by professional for students to help them choose the right academic course that fit their needs, interests and wants. This is important because students might have difficulty in choosing post secondary course selection.

Workshops are also activities usually provided by this student support services. It include supplemental workshops where students can learn various skills or sharpen the one they already had. Workshops are always included into main activities of this program because it is more efficient and effective in helping students improving their academic skills.

Specific Academic Support
Specific Academic Support

This activity allows students to learn by doing so that they can absorb more information through practical activities during workshops.

Activities that can help improve study skills and learning strategies also must be included into this program. This way, students will be able to receive proper education that meet the standard. Every institution may apply different strategies planned carefully with deep comprehension and effective coordination.

However, the goals are not so different. The main purpose is to help students study better with better strategies as well as learning environment.


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