Student support services are provided to help eligible students receive better study plans through various programs and services supported by federal and state policies. Student support service is not any program. It is special program which comprises broad range of professionals such as social workers, psychologists, speech pathologies, and many more.

This program is provided by educational institutions to help students with low-income or disabilities receive education that meet the standard. This program is also provided to help first-generation college students who complete a program of study at the post secondary level.

Academic Support Services
Academic Support Services

In this program, there are various supports provided through various activities at Academic support is one of the main services to help students. Every school may have different kind of program but the goals are not so different. The strategies used to provide academic support in this program are also varied. Here are the most common strategies:

Classroom-based Strategy

Classroom-based strategies include the process of constant monitoring of students performance done by teachers. Student’s learning needs are also monitored thoroughly so teachers can make adjustment of what kind of strategies they can choose to make more effective learning. This way, teachers have better view to decide the right things to do to help improve student learning.

Off School Strategy

Another strategy is based off school. Every school provide academic support opportunities for students during the day such as learning labs. This way, instruction can be built in wide variety to help students improve their academic skills effectively. Learning labs provide effective strategies because one-on-one teaching can be done successfully. Therefore, students who are struggling with their academic progress will have significant help from this strategy.

Academic Support Services
Academic Support Services

After-hour Program

Next common strategy is after-hour program. In student support service, schools may provide before-school or after-school program to help improve their academic progress. This activity includes individual or group tutoring provided by teachers before or after school hour. However, this activity is done within school building.

Last but not least strategies usually used in student support service especially for academic support is outside-of school activities. This program usually involve other parties outside of schools such as community groups, or local public schools. Therefore, partnerships are made to provide wide variety of effective programs to help improve student’s skills in reading, writing, etc. The activities made through this strategy should be connected with what students are learning in their schools. Therefore, the students who are struggling can catch up with their peers at school.


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