Some Student Rights You Need to Know in Specific Conditions. Every child certainly has an obligation and the right to get an education at their age from an early age.

The identity of these students is not only demonstrated through their learning activities at situs judi poker, certain government or private educational institutions, but also through student identity cards that can later be used to fill in data in terms of filling out another official form. Or also when they will do a test at their school.

As a student, do you know what student rights you can get besides the right to study? Some of the certain conditions allow a student to get certain rights than other students. For more details, let’s see the explanation below.

Some Student Rights
Some Student Rights

Certain conditions that can get special rights

Although both of them are students. The reason why someone can get some special rights is certain conditions by the student. In general, there are 3 types of certain conditions where students can get some of these special rights

Some Student Rights
Some Student Rights

Pregnancy condition

It is undeniable if one of the juvenile delinquencies which is currently very lively is promiscuity around theirs. Not surprisingly, uncontrolled promiscuity can plunge them into a grim hole of life, such as pregnancy out of wedlock.

A student who experiences such conditions can get some special rights as follows.

  • Get the same treatment as other students in terms of receiving lessons in their class
  • Get special rights in medical matters for the benefit of leave when labor, consultation with a doctor, and get a safe and non-judgmental learning environment
  • Will not get a penalty from the educational institution where she studied because she decided to abort the womb or reveal personal medical information concerned
  • Some Student Rights
    Some Student Rights

Conditions for persons with disabilities

Every person is not born with a condition that is always physically perfect. Even so, that does not mean they get different treatment from the others because of their physical condition.

In the state regulations that have been made by the government, it has been clearly explained, If every citizen has the right to get an education, without exception. Therefore, there is no reason for any educational institution to reject a prospective student with a disability who wants to study at their institution later.

  • Get protection and certainty from acts of discrimination. Especially in the academic scope where he or she is studying
  • Get equal rights to access or get all facilities that are specific to each student in the place of the institution he or she is studying


Education is one of the crucial things and also a part of human rights possessed by everyone. Regardless of age, physical condition, social level, or occupation. Despite having abnormal conditions like most students, students with certain conditions mentioned above still have equal rights with other students. As well as additional protection for them due to the conditions they are experiencing.


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