Student support services provide wide variety of programs that can help students achieve improvement in various fields including academic and cultural aspects. As for academic skills, tutoring, mentoring, and counseling are the most common activities provided by the program at

The main purpose is to help students get better education opportunities that meet the standards. With those programs and activities, students have more opportunities to catch up with their peers because they have better strategies to comprehend or learn something they consider complex.

Support Services Programs
Support Services Programs

Aside from academic support, there are also cultural enrichments activities provided by student support services. This is just as important as academic activities. Because students or participants of this program have rights to meet their personal and social needs. There are wide arrays of activity provided through the student support service.

Through those activities, students are expected to express themselves as well as to network and to build collegial relationships especially amongst their peers.

Cultural Enrichment Supports

As mentioned earlier that every schools may apply different programs to provide cultural enrichment supports. Several programs done educational institutions include:

Open Mic Night is fun, entertaining, and meaningful event. Through this event, students can exhibit their skills through live performance. They can present musical performances such as singing, dancing, playing instruments, etc. They can also exhibit their skills at poetry or delivering comedy. There are also students who use this event to show off their skills at prose recitations.

Seminar and gatherings are also commonly conducted by the student support service in order to gain cultural enrichment goals. This kind of gathering is not just about enjoying foods and drinks. The schools conduct this event by inviting special community such as military, medical, or educational representatives.

Support Services Programs
Support Services Programs

Therefore, the students have the opportunities to engage in open dialogue with the representatives. This will help students to have wide variety of perspectives. Their cultural knowledge will also be improved through this type of activity.

Another common activity provided by cultural enrichment program is annual student recognition banquet. This is kind of casual activity to honor participants for various community and academic services initiatives. The students also have the opportunities to see the essential pieces to their success.

Support Services Programs
Support Services Programs

This event is held to recognize significant staff members involved in the program. There are many things that the participants can learn through this event. They will know how the program works and what things are essentials to the success of the program.


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