Student support services program is a program funded by the state or federal to help students receive better education.  Especially those with disabilities or low-income. This program is provided to a four-year and two-year educational institution. The students who can be participant of this program should meet requirements to be eligible.

Those who receive this support, will be able to receive extra assistance throughout their academic career. Every school may have different programs or projects to help the eligible students. However, every program should be made to meet the goals.

Academic Student Support

Participants who are eligible will be offered services in wide variety of activities, such as: Academic support, judi bola at This is a kind of support provided to students to help them develop their academic skills. There are various activities made for this program such as tutoring. The type of tutoring is dependable. If the students need one-on-one tutoring, this can be arranged by the schools.

Student Support
Student Support

It can also be arranged in group tutoring. Other activities include supplemental workshops, course selection counseling, etc. This also includes instruction in writing, reading, math, science, etc.

Financial Student Support

Financial support. This support is provided to aid student’s financial situation. There are various forms of supports such as giving program scholarships, assisting financial aid applications. It helping students to get better understanding of financial aid they can get, helping with their budget, etc.

This program is made specifically to help students with low income. That’s why this type of support is very significant for the participants of this program.

Transfer support. This type of support is also provided through this student support service program. This include a visit to 4-year campuses, assisting students to complete applications. Helping students to find necessary aids at the four-year institution.

Student Support
Student Support

Lots of students don’t know exactly what they have to do regarding to transferring. That’s why this specific support is needed for them who are struggling with the application and the general process of transfer.

Other supports. There are wide varieties of support provided through student support service programs. It is not only programs related to academic or cultural fields but also other subjects including future career of participants. Schools who receive student support service program from the state or federal must provide support in assisting participants to choose a career program.

Giving access to academic equipment and media, and enabling students to participate in no-cost cultural activities. There are more supports offered by the schools that provide this program to eligible participants.


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