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The elected Student Trustee is not a representative of the student body. The opinions they offer and votes they place during meetings are their own. That said, the Student Trustee is encouraged to be actively involved in Student Alliance meetings and events so as to be aware of wider student issues and concerns. Student Alliance, as the representative voice of the student body, can appoint four students (preferably one from each school [SUS, SCT, SPP, ACTCM]) to participate in the Student Life Committee that meets on Friday prior to each Board meeting

Overview of CIIS Student Trusteeship

Created by Matthew David Segall, Student Trustee, 9/5/2014


The CIIS Board of Trustees is a governance body with legal and fiscal responsibility for the Institute. Membership consists of twenty external members with specific areas of competence and interest in the Institute’s mission and goals, the president, and elected trustees from faculty, students, staff, and alumni.


The Student Trustee must attend all meetings over the next year, which occurs on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.


The Student Trustee is also expected to serve on the Student Life Committee of the Board, which meets on the Fridays prior to Saturday Board Meetings.


The Student Trustee may also choose to serve on other Board committees as well. The board committees are as follows: Academic Affairs, Advancement, Audit, Building and Safety, Finance, Strategic Communication, Student Life and the Trusteeship committees.


From the Student Alliance perspective, this position offers an excellent opportunity to serve the CIIS student community, while providing a greater student voice and leadership within the Institute as a whole. Students who serve in this position are expected to report back to the student body to inform them about Board decisions.


The CIIS Board of Trustees By-Laws state the following regarding Student trusteeship: Article II, Section 4: The Board of Trustees shall include…one candidate nominated by the student body for a one-year non-renewable term.


The student body shall nominate candidates for consideration by the Board at the last regular meeting of the fiscal year. The Student Trustee is]elected as a full voting Board member and not as a representative of the study body.

Join the Student
Board of Trustees

Student Alliance will present all submitted candidates for nomination at the Student Alliance. Students present will be able to vote via a private ballot that can be submitted at the meeting. The candidate with the most votes will serve as the nomination to be presented to President Joseph Subbiondo who then will present to the Board of Trustees approval.

Nomination Process
[Currently Not Accepting Nominations]

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