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Coniunctio is a Student Alliance group at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. We are an astrology study group dedicated to exploring the ways in which astrology promotes a participatory world view – one that empowers us to become active co-creators in the unfolding story of our lives and that of the cosmos. Coniunctio strives to engage a community of learners who approach this timeless discipline with creativity, intellectual rigor, and humble reverence.

All knowledge and skill levels are welcome to join in our topic-based approach which emphasizes and treasures peer learning and mentoring. In service of our name, which carries the connotation of a loving connection, our group strives to bring together diverse communities of people who are interested in learning more about astrology in an environment that is inclusive, inviting, and exciting. Visit one of our great guest lectures or drop in on a study group class! Coniunctio is a great place to connect with students of astrology at CIIS and to gain access to resources to further your studies.

to contact the group please email:



Scheduled Events

1st Wednesday of every month at 7:30PM

Sept. 6th
Oct. 4th
Nov. 1st
Dec. 6th

Please bring 8-10 copies of an astrology chart if you would like it read by a peer group. You can get this for free at under ‘Free Horoscopes → Natal chart, Ascendant

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