Student Alliance Coordinator Position OPENING!

Dear Students:
My three-years in service to the Student Alliance is cycling up and it’s time to nourish new leadership!  Please see the attached flyer seeking candidates for Student Alliance Coordinator.
In service,
Angela Anderson,
Student Alliance Coordinator

Student Alliance Coordinator

The Student Alliance Coordinator is a student temporary part-time position (20 to 25 hours per week) who leads, administers, and provides oversight to the operations and programming of Student Alliance.  The SA Coordinator is not an elected position but selected from a search process directed by student leaders and members of the Student Affairs team.  The CIIS student body is diverse and located in the Bay Area and in other remote locations.  The CIIS student body consist of four different schools (SCT, BAC, ACTCM, SPC), thus the part-time SA Coordinator serves students and assists in facilitating communication across the university’s  colleges and student groups.

Responsibilities Include

  • Fiscal oversight and management of the Student Alliance semester and annual budget
  • Administration of operations (business, office space, website, and programming)
  • Maintain and update Student Group registration, support (scheduling meetings and  communications), and outreach.
  • Host & plan monthly Student Alliance Business Meetings
  • Reporting, Collaboration, and Intermediary to Student Affairs
  • Develop, Plan, and Execute 1 to 2 Campus-Wide Community Events each Fall and Spring Semester
  • Administer and provide oversight of the Semester Conference Awards and the Social Justice Research Grant
  • Provide oversight and mentorship to student leaders
  • Lead and manage the Student Leader Fellowship Program, the Annual Student Leader and Student Group Awards
  • Administer the nomination and selection of the Student Board of Trustee
  • Develop and implement student leadership development opportunities such as the annual summer Student Leader Retreat
  • General guidance and support to all students through Student Alliance, social justice and advocacy within the CIIS community, and student leadership building.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with community building and outreach
  • Experience with working with Student Alliance and student groups.
  • Awareness and know-how of CIIS Student Affairs and Integral Governance Development
  • Experience with staff management including remote staff
  • Experience with working and/or collaborating with colleges and departments at CIIS and/or other universities.
  • Demonstrated leadership and advocacy experience.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work on campus a minimum of 10 hours a week.
  • Experience with working with people across intersectional identities and ability to exercise cultural humility.
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